Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

July 8, 2015

Hi there, welcome to the birth of Beets Me!

I’ve been entertaining the idea of starting a blog for a while now, but never really had the guts to do it. What would I talk about? Would I be any good? Would anyone even read it? I let these doubts hold me back for what seems like ages, but the urge has finally become too strong to ignore. IMG_2832 For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bailee, and I’m a recent UGA grad living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy the finer things in life- including but not limited to reading, Pure Barre, nail polish, and making a total mess in the kitchen. I have always considered myself a healthy eater, but my junior and senior years of college were when my passion for nutritious food and fitness really took flight.

Enter, this blog.

I hope to use Beets Me as a space to share my daily thoughts, eats, and adventures as I navigate through this new chapter of life. I want to help others kindle a love for kale salads, but also tell them about the delicious tacos and guac I ate last weekend. I want to spread my love for fitness, but also revel in the fact that at times it is simply not a priority.

So keep coming back, and I promise we’ll tackle life with a healthy dose of veggies, vino, and cry-laughter. I mean, what else could you possibly ask for?

Beets the heck outta’ me. 😉

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