WIAW: Weekend Transition

September 9, 2015

Hola my friends!

Is it just me, or did today absolutely fly? I spent the workday catching up on some projects and meetings after the long weekend, and before I knew it, it was 5’oclock! I am certainly not complaining, and am hoping I can ride the productivity train through the end of the week.

I was pretty surprised my day ended up going so well, because it started off on a sour note with an upset stomach.

Seriously – this morning was pretty miserable! I had to leave my morning Pure Barre class a few minutes early because I honestly could not power through anymore.

I have a feeling this discomfort can be attributed to my body transitioning from a weekend of unclean eats and drinks to a normal, veggie-filled diet.

Yay? Nay?

Accepting any and all other hypotheses to find the root of my problem.



Recycled photo, but breakfast was overnight oats in an almost empty jar of Trader Joe’s creamy almond butter with raspberries. I added slightly less almond milk than normal and I loved the texture!

Let me tell ya, I was so thankful to have these ready after my less than luster Pure Barre class. After getting ready or work, it took everything in me to plow through my discomfort and get my booty on the road to work. A breakfast to-go without any funky ingredients was exactly what the doctor ordered.



Lunch today was quite beautiful! We have a salad with arugula/spinach mix, quinoa, chickpeas, roasted rainbow carrots, avocado, and Trader Joe’s sauerkraut. Served with a peach and some Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek Mix and goji berries. I was able to stomach almost all of this except some straggling arugula/chickpeas and the sauerkraut.

For some reason, sauerkraut was screaming “heck no!” at me as I ate. Which is so unfortunate because it is so tasty.


For a dressing, I used a little bit of this olive oil and lemon juice mix I picked up at Trader Joe’s this weekend. I have been wanting a lemon infused olive oil to use on my salads, and in true Trader Joe fashion, he came to my rescue.

Gotta love that guy. 😉

It was really light and refreshing, and will definitely be featured on my lunch time salad for many weeks to come.



The most delicious bartlett pear. I honestly think pears are up there as my favorite fruit… Along with peaches, bananas, figs, and basically any berry.

I can’t pick favorites. 😉



On Monday I whipped up a batch of Hummusapien’s Vegan Tempeh and Kale Enchilada Casserole to enjoy for dinner throughout the week (holy amazing…!), but for some reason my stomach was screaming “heckkkk no!” once again. I grudgingly obeyed, and whipped up something slightly more mild. The end result was roasted broccoli and portobello mushroom, a Hilary’s Eat Well veggie burger, and a dippy egg and tahini for dipping. It hit the spot!

And now I am in bed, at 8:16 pm, fixing to brush my chompers, wash my face, and swan dive into my Kindle.

Oh, the wild life of a 22 year old. 🙂

XO – Bailee

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