WIAW: Tunes & Food

August 12, 2015

Welcome to my second installment of WIAW! I knew today (Tuesday, for me) was going to be a good one when my 5:30 am Pure Barre class was blasting a killer playlist.

Don’t get me wrong – the music is always spot on – but today’s playlist included not one, but TWO Ellie Goulding remixes (Beating Heart and Burn), as well as the song Smoke Signals by Sean Kingston.

Please, judge me.



After getting ready, I had overnight oats in an almost empty Trader Joe’s almond butter jar waiting for me. Today’s toppings included raspberries, cacao nibs, and a little bit more almond butter because there wasn’t enough left in the jar for my tastes 😉 This is the best almond butter on the planet and you best believe I already had a fresh one waiting to be opened when this one was finished.

Mid-Morning Snack:


Sugar snap peas and a hard boiled egg while working away at my desk.

Side note- I was jamming out to the Grease soundtrack all morning in my headphones. These songs never fail to put me in a good mood, and opens the flood gates to so many memories from college. During rush, my sorority always put on a Grease-themed skit, so every time I hear Summer Nights or You’re The One That I Want, I am immediately taken back to those fun, exciting days getting ready for recruitment.

(To all my AXO’s – RIP skit round and GOOD LUCK with recruitment starting today!)



Today’s packed lunch featured my Greek Inspired Quinoa Salad, leftover sweet potato wedges from last night’s dinner, and a peach for some sweetness. No sad desk lunches here!

Afternoon Snackage:


Goji berries and almonds at work. I cannot get enough goji berries lately! They’re the perfect combo of chewy, tart, and sweet.


A few sweet potato tortilla chips and a brown rice cake with hummus before cooking dinner. These were an impulse buy a few weeks ago and have been a hit! They go perfectly with hummus, salsa, or on their own.



I got a little crazy in the kitchen tonight and experimented with a new-to-me veggie – eggplant! I had never cooked the purple veg before so I was excited to give it a go. The result were little eggplant “pizzas” topped with a mixture of tomato sauce, tempeh, spinach, red onion, and sun-dried tomato. Served with some crispy garlic green beans on the side, and topped it all off with nutritional yeast post-photo.

Two massive thumbs up!

Night snack:


A spoonful of Honey Sunflower Butter sent over from the wonderful people at Wild Friends!! I love their sunflower butters so it felt like Christmas morning opening the package and finding this.

Side note – the spoonful was definitely eaten pre-photo. The day that this is my definition of “spoonful” will be a very sad day. 🙂

XO – Bailee

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    you da one that I want!! ooooh ooooh ohhh honaayy this all looks so good!

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