WIAW: Sunday Style

December 23, 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday, Sunday edition.

I set a goal to switch up the different days that I document on these posts, so today I am following through. This week’s What I Ate Wednesday post is following all the goodies that made their way into my mouth on Sunday.

This was actually a pretty atypical Sunday for me, normally I grocery shop on Sundays and take an afternoon Pure Barre class, but on this day I did neither! Both of those activities were completed on Saturday, leaving Sunday open for something new.

I woke up in the morning right around 8:00, and was not craving oatmeal OR a smoothie. I used this as an excuse to dig my Double Dose Bakery waffles out of the freezer for an easy yet “special” breakfast. I opted for two blueberry waffles topped with Trader Joe’s creamy almond butter, bananas, blackberries, raspberries, and hemp hearts.


These waffles are such a fun way to mix up your breakfast routine. It certainly helps that the girls behind the company are two of my sweet insta-foodie-friends. Alexis & Samantha – you rock!


I spent the morning cleaning and coloring in my adult coloring book (please judge me). Around 10:00 I was ready to get in my workout, so I headed to my apartment gym for 40 minutes of walking/running on the treadmill.

But not without eating a little snicky snack first.


I enjoyed one of the cookies I whipped up on Saturday using this recipe from my friend Haley! I used her exact recipe, minus the turbandino sugar because I did not have any. These cookies are extremely delicious and breakfast/snack approved.


My time on the treadmill skewed more towards speed walking than running because my hiney was SO sore from yesterday’s Pure Barre class. It felt good to sweat and get some exercise in to start the day.


After my workout, I headed back to my apartment to whip up a yummy gift for some of my coworkers. I made a batch of homemade grain-free granola (following this recipe) as a gift for a few of my team mates. I put the granola in mason jars, which made for a cute and tasty, homemade gift!


After a few other cleaning/housekeeping tasks, I was ready for lunch. I had a strong craving for a Hilary’s veggie burger (random, right?), so I made sure to incorporate one into the meal.  ended up compiling a random spread that included leftover roasted okra/brussels sprouts, a Hilary’s original veggie burger, avocado, and hummus. It oddly hit the spot!


The rest of the afternoon I spent wrapping presents, sitting around on the couch and watching football. I took a break around 2:30 to run a quick errand and ended up swinging into Publix to pick up some Gingerade Kombucha. My stomach was feeling a little off and this kombucha drink always does the trick. I call it my “magic” drink. 🙂


After arriving back at home, doing some laundry and more coloring in my adult coloring book (I live such an exciting life), I was ready for a snack to tide me over until dinner. I sliced up some gala apple slices and ate them with a dollop of Wild Friends Honey Pretzel PB.


This is honestly the best flavored peanut butter on the planet. Bold statement, I know – but it’s that good. Dinner later in the evening was a mix of a few of my favorites. Roasted sweet potato, okra, tempeh, and Cedar’s Garden Vegetable Hummus for dipping.


And because a night is not complete without dessert, I enjoyed a warm mug o’ fruit and Wild Friends Pumpkin Spice PB while watching the Miss Universe pageant because I can’t say no to awkward TV.


It was delicious!

Your turn:

Do you eat differently on weekends than on weekdays?

For the super foodies – What’s your favorite “fancy” peanut butter?

XO – Bailee

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  • Reply pilatespearlsandpeanutbutter December 23, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Lol?! I thought I was the only one who had an adult coloring book! It’s so therapeutic though. I’ve never tried Hillary’s veggie burgers, but after seeing all my fave Instagrammers/bloggers eating them, I think I’ll have to try! What are they made of?

  • Reply Maddie Ross December 24, 2015 at 12:48 am

    I would have to say my favorite nut butter is Naturally Nutty brand Pepita Sunseed Butter. It is UNBELIEVABLE!!

    • Reply Beets Me December 30, 2015 at 1:24 pm

      Ooooh I have never tried that before but it sounds magical – where did you find it?!

      • Reply Maddie Ross December 30, 2015 at 2:21 pm

        I get it off of the naturally nutty website! All of their butters are phenomenal, you really can’t go wrong with their company 🙂

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