WIAW: Non-Grammable

December 9, 2015

Happy WIAW, friends!

I’m coming at you live with a full day of un-grammed eats. Sound exciting? Yes. Is it all pretty? Nope! Hence the non-existent gramming.

The morning started out with a bowl of egg white oats, which I proceeded to top with everything. Everything of course meaning frozen blueberries, raspberries, hemp seeds, and Trader Joe’s creamy almond buttah.


After making my way to work and playing some Monday morning catch up, I dug into two hardboiled eggs as an easy mid-morning snack.


That one yolk wanted to say hi. Heeeeeey.

I was super excited about lunch today thanks to a little meal prep I did on Sunday. After seeing wonderful things on Instagram, I decided to try Balance with B’s Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad and Baked Falafels. They were both SO good, especially the falafel… However I might be partial because falafel is one of my favorite foods ever.

I paired my tabbouleh and falafel with a dollop of hummus and a navel orange.


After eating, I went on nice little walk outside around the office. I love when time and weather permit me to leave the office at lunch time, even if its just for a quick walk. A break and breath of fresh air make all the difference for my productivity levels.

When I got back to my desk, I dug into the final part of my lunch/dessert – a vegan chocolate banana muffin via Hummusapien. This was my third time making this recipe, and it was definitely the best batch so far. So moist (gross word I’m sorry) and decadent.


The rest of my afternoon was clear of meetings, so I sat at my desk and worked the rest of the day. I love/hate when this happens because it means I can work on something uninterrupted, but I hate sitting in one place for too long. The upside to hopping from meeting to meeting is that you never get restless!

Afternoon snackage to fuel my work session included a chocolate coconut energy bite (still working on this recipe), a mini honey crisp apple, and a packet of NuttZo.


I have been dying to try NuttZo for the longest time, and was so excited when my friend May sent me a packet in the mail. Verdict – obsessed. Check out the ingredient list! I could definitely taste the brazil nuts and loved it.


Now it’s time for me to muster up a chunk of change to buy a jar. One of these days…

I also had a couple almonds from my desk stash before driving home.


My legs were so sore from the previous day’s Pure Barre Platform class, so I opted for a 20 minute treadmill walk instead of a harder workout. It felt nice to stretch my legs without overdoing it.

After my walk, I quickly baked some tofu coated in nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper, and heated up leftover broccoli and root veggies. The root veggie combo includes sweet potatoes, parsnips, and red onion, which was a great mix-up from plain sweet potatoes.


Later in the evening I enjoyed a chocolate coated crunch Square Bar as a night snack/dessert. I completely forgot to take a photo, but here’s an old one for good measure.


After eating my bar, I headed to bed to dive deep into my current read, Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. This is a family murder/missing person/thriller/mystery book that takes place in Atlanta, GA, Athens, GA, and UGA – both cities in which I’ve lived and the school I attended. It’s creepy to say the least. 🙂

Your turn:

What was the best recipe you’ve made lately?

Do you like being busy at work, or having lots of down time?

XO, Bailee

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