WIAW: Busy As Can Be

September 2, 2015

Hi everyone 🙂 How are you? What’s the latest? I miss you dearly!

I’ll go right ahead and admit it – I’ve been a bad blogger the past few weeks. A combo work, traveling, and social activities has made life pretty busy as of late, so blogging has had to take the backseat. I hope you forgive me!

I promise I’ve been eating lots of yummy food, and now owe you approximately 180281 recipes/blog posts. I will start checking them off my list of deliverables ASAP, but for now, it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday!


Post-Pure Barre pistachio-cacao-chip overnight oats in an empty Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut PB jar with blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.


Overnight oats have been my jam lately! They are so convenient, especially for days when I do morning workouts. These were extra delicious, which I will attribute to 1. The delicious nut butter remnants, and 2. The addition of pistachios! I picked up some shelled, unsalted pistachios from the bulk bins at Sprouts this weekend (inspired by Clara!) and a new obsession has been born… So tasty.


Mid-Morning Snack:

A boiled egg, snap peas, & cucumber slices.


Pardon the close-up – but this snack was unintentionally spectacular. I hardboiled some eggs on Sunday evening to have for snacks throughout the week, and when I bit into one, it was a little softer than normal. I must’ve let the eggs sit for a shorter period of time than I usually do, and it turned out delicious.

I hope I make this same mistake again in the future. 😉



Curried chickpea salad.


This weekend I whipped up one of my favorite lunch recipes – a curried chickpea salad via Hummusapien! I followed Alexis’s recipe, but used only one can of chickpeas and extra green onion and cilantro. This salad is something of a miracle… No matter how many times I make it, it never gets old!

I’ve convinced some friends and coworkers to jump on the curried chickpea bandwagon, and they have all absolutely raved about it. You must try it out on your own. 🙂


A few Dang Foods toasted coconut chips for sweetness


And an avocado quarter for some more green and healthy fat!

Eaten with a spoon, during a conference call… Because that’s how I roll.

Afternoon Snacks:

A fuji apple with a side of green tea.


And a brown rice cake with avocado hummus when I got home from work!


Despite eating a normal amount throughout the day, I was an absolute hanger beast driving home. Sometimes I swear I’m a bottomless pit!


The most delicious and colorful power bowl.


Roasted sweet potato cubes + garlic roasted broccoli, mini heirloom tomatoes, and red onion + tempeh and cashews sautéed in coconut oil and Trader Joe’s soyaki sauce!

Topped it all off with siracha and a tahini drizzle after the photo… Because siracha and tahini are everything.


Dessert was a necessity tonight.


Cashew butter with chocolate chips (recycled photo) + a few more un-photographed Dang Foods coconut chips.

Sweet, sweet sweetness. 🙂

And there you have it! One super hungry day’s worth of eats.

XO, Bailee

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