What Am I?

August 5, 2015

I’ll be the first to admit that I have pretty annoying dietary constraints. Technically speaking, I am a lactose-intolerant pescatarian who eats vegan 80% of the time.

… Like, excuse me, what? Who am I??

I am a fruit and veggie lover who will eat eggs, seafood, and dairy from time to time. To avoid the awkwardness of having to explain these complex details to most people, I simply say I am a vegetarian.

This started my sophomore year of college when I was moving into my sorority house, and I was explaining my dietary constraints to our sweet house mom, Ms. Donna.

 (For added visual, Donna is the spitting image of Ms. Doubtfire)


I was trying to explain to her that most days I would need to have our chefs prepare something seperate for me since I was a pescatarian.

As I was explaining this to her, she looked at me with one of the blankest stares I have ever seen.

“But honey,” she so innocently inquired, “what does your religion have to do with what you can eat?”

Cue the cry laughter.

Believe it or not this is not the only occasion when someone has mistaken “pescatarian” for “presbyterian.” So to keep things simple and less confusing, I just say vegetarian.

Anyway – I digress.

For moral reasons, I dabbled in vegetarianism/pescetarianism in high school, but have been one consistently for around four years. What started off as simple effort to not eat cute animals has become so much more.

Ever since I started eating a consistently plant based diet, my body has never felt better. I am more energized, I have clearer skin, and my immune system is stronger than ever. My eyes have been opened to the world of health and nutrition, and I have a whole new appreciation for food and the amazing things it can do for your body.

“Most Likely To Have Whole Foods Cater Her Wedding” … My friends know me well 🙂

Something I get asked a lot is “do you miss it?”, in reference to eating meat. And my answer is simple:

Not one bit.

While I will never deny that a bag of Chic-Fil-A or someone grilling burgers smells amazing, it is simply not what my body wants.

I crave fruits, vegetables, and plant based protein. At times, a piece of salmon or shrimp will call to me – and when it does, I listen.

For something that sounds so complicated, it’s actually very simple

Except when you have to get fast food with me… Then I’m a bonafide pain in the rear 😉

XO, Bailee

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  • Reply Bex August 7, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    hahhahaha oh Ms. Donna…..

    • Reply Beets Me August 7, 2015 at 2:30 pm

      Still cracks me up to this day hahaha

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