My First Whole 30: Days 1-4

January 6, 2017

Hi there!

Checking back in to share an update on my Whole 30 eats and thoughts from days 1-4. Things are going really well so far and I’m enjoying the change of pace. I feel like everyone and their brother is doing Whole 30 right now and I love it. It’s so encouraging to have so many people on the same page.

Today we’ll start with an overview of my meals, then we’ll get into how I’m feeling.


I kicked off the program with a simple breakfast before heading to the grocery store. I had two eggs and frozen spinach scrambled in Fourth & Heart ghee and savory eggs blend spices, a honey crisp apple, an some un-pictured cashew butter with the apple because I was nearing the end of the meal and was not full.

Lunch was a stuffed sweet potato bowl. I microwaved a sweet potato and topped it with sautéed kale, peppers, and onion, a fried egg in avocado oil, half an avocado, and green salsa. I’ll definitely be making this more!

Whole 30 discourages snacking, but I just can’t get there. We’ll see if this changes throughout the program, but afternoon snacking is currently a must for me. On this day I had a green apple with cashew butter, then some brazil nuts and Trader Joe’s plantain chips an hour later.

Day 1 dinner was blackened tilapia (read the labels of your blackening seasoning – many have sugar!), pan-charred garlic broccoli, and roasted muraski sweet potatoes.

After dinner was the Bachelor premier, so I popped a GT’s kombucha (many of theirs don’t have added sugar so they are allowed on the program – woo!) and snacked on a few brazil nuts and cashews.


Breakfast was two baked egg cups with spinach, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, and ghee + a baked sweet potato with coconut cashew butter. I made a batch of egg muffins + baked sweet potatoes to eat this all week before work.

Lunch at work was a kale salad that I massaged with lemon juice, pink himalayan sea salt, nutritional yeast, and half an avocado. I topped it with broccoli slaw, bell pepper, two hardboiled eggs, and more lemon juice. I was still hungry after, so I also had an opal apple with almond butter.

Afternoon snacks included celery with almond butter and a cashew Larabar. I packed the bar as an “emergency” snack (they aren’t encouraged on the program) and absolutely had to dig into it. I made sure to pack more carbs in my lunch the next day to hold me over more.

Dinner was leftovers from Day 1 + sautéed zucchini. Heat & eat, I love it!


Breakfast was similar to day 2, minus the coconut cashew butter and plus some hot sauce, avocado, and bulletproof coffee (coffee + MCT oil (I use Bulletproof Brain Octane) + ghee).

Lunch was the same as Day 2 + a muraski sweet potato, – the apple with almond butter.

Later in the afternoon I snacked on an apple with cashew butter before heading to a dentist appointment.

Dinner that evening was a curry cooked with full fat coconut milk, coconut aminos, Thai Kitchen curry paste, ginger, garlic, baby bell peppers, zucchini, cashews, and onion on top of cauliflower rice. I pan seared a filet of salmon on the side and it turned out SO dry and gross looking. Major fail. I ate it anyways.

Before bed I needed some more food, so I heated a chopped banana in the microwave with almond butter and cinnamon. YUM.


Breakfast and lunch were the same as Day 3. I won’t bore you with another photo 🙂

Afternoon snack was celery with almond butter.

Dinner was leftover cauliflower rice curry + seabass from Whole Foods. I cooked it in the pan and totally nailed it this time. It was one of the best pieces of fish I’ve made!

Before bed I had the same thing as last night + some blackberries in the mix.

Physical/Emotional Check In

  • They mention on days 2 & 3 you’re supposed to feel hungover while your body processes through the junk in your system. I have not been feeling this way but I have been getting headaches in the afternoon. This is usually when I would eat some sort of bar (Perfect Bar, RXBar, Elemental Superfood, etc.), so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it. Usually this subsides by dinner time, but the afternoons have been pretty tough for me.
  • People tout Whole 30 for the wonderful sleep it brings, but I’ve had such a hard time sleeping. Days 1-3 were horrible. It took me a long time to doze off and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night and even having bad dreams… It was so weird. Finally on Day 4 I slept like a baby. I hope this continues!
  • I have not been experiencing any cravings or strong emotions. I haven’t had the “kill all the things” phase that supposedly happens days 4-5, and I haven’t felt myself missing anything yet. Things are still pretty new so I feel excited and motivated. I’m heading into the weekend today which is when I usually go out to dinner and drink wine, so we’ll see if I’m saying the same thing my next check-in.
  • I am loving savory breakfasts! I really hope this sticks because I love veggies, eggs, and sweet potatoes so much but never seemed to crave them in the morning before now. I would love for this to continue.
  • Other random foods I am loving are brazil nuts, Maisy Jane’s cashew butter, cooking with ghee and coconut aminos, and avocado.
  • My evening ritual this week has been drinking kombucha with a candle while I play with the pup or read blogs. Then I get into bed and read (It Starts With Food or Truly, Madly, Guilty). I did this every night this week and it felt so relaxing!
  • I’m finding that repetition might be the key for me throughout this program. I am the kind of person who will eat the same thing for lunch or breakfast for days on end until I burn out from it. I am going to try to mix it up where I can, but will lean on consistency to make this achievable without feeling overwhelming.
  • Groceries are definitely more expensive when you are buying fish every week. Ha!

And that’s all for now. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments about your experience in the comments section below!

XO- Bailee

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